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Seven Witches - "Xiled To Infinity And One"
Sanctuary 2002

Under a leadership of Jack "Frosties" Frost the band was newly reformed and that brought a lot of fresh ideas. A great Jack's move was that he offered a job to a magnificent singer Wade Black ("ex-Crimson Glory") on vocals and Brian Craig ("Destiny's End") who joined them on drums. In studio bass guitar was played by Billy Maz but latter he was replaced by Joey Vera ("Armored Saint", "Fates Warning"), who also helped Jack with production on the new record.

We have two special guests who helped the band on the new record. Joe Comeau ("Annihilator") sang a duet with Wade on the last track called "See You In Hell" which is a cover song originally performed by "Grim Reaper". How nice! The other star who also did the vocals was Jon Oliva. He surely had a real great time in co-operating on band's new release, because he really roars like a lion (by the way that's Mr. Oliva's horoscope sign) and reminds me very much of his best vocals in earlier "Savatage" days. I got a feeling when I listened to this song as if I was transferred from "Seven Witches" into "Savatage", also because of the main riff and typical "old school" production that was once used in "Savatage" early days, too. "Mountain King" did his job on "The Burning" perfect again. "The Burning" is actually "Incubus" reprise with different lyrics written by Jon especially for that track.

Jack did a great performance on all guitars. Some killer riffs are showing how talented he is in making good riffs. Those can be found in straight opener "Metal Tyrant", then "Incubus", the title song, "Anger's Door", and my favourite track on record "Eyes Of An Angel". All solos that he plays are perfectly incorporated into music. Pounding bass guitar line is balanced with other instruments and can be well heard. Brian made some great rollings again and punched some great double bass, too. I like especially double bass that joins into a chorus part of "Eyes Of An Angel". The band is carrying a blowing and striking high voltage through entire record. No cheesy keyboard intros or outros can be found or "sugar-baby" lyrics. Just straight down to earth thundering.

Well, I am very pleased, that in hundreds and hundreds new "power metal" bands that are forced in making records by different label's interests all over the world, we can still hear well known sound of traditional US heavy metal in "Warrior", "Metal Church" or good old "Vicious Rumors" style. All members of the band proved that "old school speed" is in their veins.

This is bands third and best release up to date. Band really improved in composing music. All tracks have heads and tails with their production hellish alive. The only track that differs in music style performance and smells a bit like grunge is "Warmth Of Winter".

I hope for the band to stay in this great line up and that guys will continue in keeping "old school speed metal" more than just alive. Finally Jack found (after stress deadline with Savatage) his own freedom and that is the most important thing in making good music. Good luck dude!

Author:   Aleš

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