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Deranged - "Deranged"
Listenable Records 2000

Before us lies already fourth studio album by these crazy Swedes and as always it was recorded in Berno studio, with Berno Paulsson who also contributed 2 instrumentals this time. First few thousand copies came in a slipcase that looks O.K., but nothing really special at the same time.
With their new album this time, simply named after the band itself "Deranged", Deranged didn't bring us anything really shocking or surprising, but brutal death in their old tradition. Now, I know that some of you might disagree with me, but that is how I see the whole thing. The production is good, guitars are biting your ears as always (that's a compliment), drums don't lay off and vocals are sheer brutality, as expected of course.
Well, for all of you who are still not familiar with the works of these insane and deranged butchers from Sweden, I must tell you that this is no pussy melodic Swedish death metal band, but rather insane and brutal gut slitting "American" style of death metal (yes!) with big dose of originality. Maybe I should mention that drumer (also the "boss") is against triggers, but let this not fool you, you will be shattered to little pieces after Deranged are done with you. J
From the first line-up stayed only Rikard (drums) and Johan (guitars). Vocalist/bassist on this album was once again Johan Anderberg (as on previous album "III"), but the current line-up is:
Rogga Johansson - vox
Joergen Bylander - bass
Johan Axelsson - guitar
Rikard Vermin - drums

I hope they will change Rogga soon (until the next album), but don't get me wrong, the guy is really brutal, only not so convincing and his vocals are not that special or varied.
Anyway, if you are looking for some straight forward and intense brutal DM that is not too complicated, Deranged are the right band for you (especially, if we keep in mind all others melodic shitty bands or "old farts" that has wimped out or can't hold the tempo any longer? Deranged are far from that).
But still, I don?t think that I am exaggarating if I say that they didn't change much since the first album (which is a good thing in a way) nor did they surprise, though I found "High On Blood" (their second output) still worthy (plus it has great cover ans title). I think it's time for some more "Rated - X"...

Author:   Klemen

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