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Godiva - "Godiva"
LMP 2003

Newcomer from Switzerland is quartet. Godiva offers classic heavy metal stuff. Straight heavy metal based on old Accept and Judas Priest legacy. Vocalist Anthony DeAngelis convincible covers higher vocal sequences. Surprisingly, he reminds very much on Ralf Scheppers (songs: Razorblade Romantic, mid-tempo Heavy Metal Thunder, One Shout).

Well this band offers nothing new. Instead to search for some creative space in establishing recognizable musical stand, they rather stick to copy great old ones. Producer is Tom Naumann (guitars Sinner, Primal Fear). And sound is not far from being Primal Fear. Guitar riffs are pushed in front, riffing sounds sharp and straight-forwarded. Also harmonized twin guitar picking over riffs is very close to what Primal Fear are doing. Wild drumming nicely balances guitar riffage. With soaring vocal especially in chorus we got nice contrast. Anthony also chooses to bring some aggression through verses in lower singing sequences. Unfortunately ,not very convincible! It is more barking than true singing (One Shot, Riding Through Time, Let The Tanks Roll, Bullshit Lover). Many songs like Sinner (what a great imagination) or Riding Through Time contain singing through high screams, combined with "normal" - middle sequenced singing. It sounds like Udo Dirkschneider, legendary Accept and U.D.O. leader. In Nightmare or Bullshit Lover for example, Anthony almost caught Udo who uses "normal" vocal (lower singing!), not his recognizable high ripping soars. Syndrome of Udo is spreading further into Cold Blood, which reminds by it's mid-eight on Black Sabbath's Heaven Or Hell. What a straight copy!!! This copying makes album predictable and very boring. Otherwise songs are well spiced with impressive soloing. Solos are not long and not to complex, so high velocity power that is achieved through speed of double bass footwork and sharp edged riffing, remains unharmed.

This band suffers a lot, because they don't use a lot of imagination. They have nothing that would be unique, recognizable and distinctly own. They can serve very well for being Accept and Judas Priest tribute to band.

So I will end now. What they're offering was already invented. One Judas Priest is enough and this concerns also for Primal Fear, Accept and U.D.O. I highly recommend Godiva boys in future to find some creative working enthusiasm. Debut album is yet another testimony of remaking the same old story. Anyway, all of you who are nod to the old and in love with bands like Judas Priest, Primal Fear and Accept, welcome home. But remember. Copy never sounds as good as original. Godiva have undoubtedly great technical skills, but not a lot of their own inspiration. Sorry guys, you didn't convince!

Author:   Aleš

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