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Hughes Turner Project - "II."
MTM Records 2003

If HTP debut was oriented in more classic hard rock old school fashion, part II slightly differs. Well both velvet vocals are still sticking to their unique singing styles. As good old wine, Joe Lynn and Glenn confirmed again, they are getting better and better with ages. New record offers again pure feel involvement, incredible vocal improvising abilities, great vocal contrast of double combined harmonies in verses and impressive instrumental middle sections with soulful guitar soloing. Both guys are able to sing just anything!

Sound grooves very alive! It is more new age fashioned and therefore pounds very fresh in comparison with debut. Sound picture fully breaths. Vocals are straight forwarded in production and this was requested from the fans. Phenomenal contrast between rhythm line on one hand and guitar riffage plus organ is achieved. Guitar never over dominates other instruments. Some songs tends to carry some pop flavour, but not because guitar rifage might lack. Poppy reason mainly sticks in singing, which likes to be more tender and soft especially in some choruses (Alone I Breath with supreme rhythm drive, Going My Way, Sofia or even Losing My Head). Losing My Head is special song. It has oriental flavoured organ back up in main theme, while guitars in this song were done by Midas touch. Steve Vai did them. He brought some psyche elements in instrumental middle section and spiced it up with well known unique speed of light soloing that provides great contrast in song.

Whole record carries a nice portion of dynamics. Songs are diverse and tracklist nicely mixed together. Cause of that mood differs very much from song to song. Opener Revelation will surely make you wanna twist. After roller Hold On, mood completely changes with Lost Dreams that contains slower but still very subtle beat with amazing assembling of middle section guitar soloing part that perfectly fits in. Hold On is fantasy. Everything is put together on such way, that if you wanted to add or remove something, you would surely spoil a song. It is perfectly assembled. Great rhythm drive, riffage, soulful soloing and most of all blistering contrast of both legendary vocals joined together.

Time And Time Again is pure Joe Lynn's song. He is constantly adapting with pure feel that provides an absolute enjoyment for listener. Sophisticated, tender and warm emotional singing, yet still some leather spice in it. It is the only song, which doesn't contain riffing chords, and you wouldn't miss them at all here. This love song has different message.

Dynamics is raised again with faster Goodbye Friday, while mid-tempo beauty Burning The Sky and Sofia (with fine funky rhythm drive and spine tingling fade out) show again subtler face of both singers. Goodbye Friday instrumental middle section opens with Balkan gypsy folk fashioned guitar theme. It brings diversity that surprises the listener and therefore some unpredictability, too. Album closes in high atmospheric gear. I am talking about Let's Talk About It Later. It opens with bluesy riff via flenger, driven in Zepp's In My Time Of Dying fashion. Song's heavier face is nicely counterweighted by subtler soul singing Glenn's involvement in softer passages.

This record is a pure must for people who are looking for total vocal "blitzkrieg" and for all true hard rock die-hards. New HTP record carries exciting new disguise in comparison with debut. It offers slightly new aged dirtier guitar sound. Refreshed style is now and then fantastically deviated from its classical hard rock frames towards pop. This results in great diversity and high dynamics through entire record. Complete job was done once again without mistake!

Author:   Ale

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