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Yes - "The Yes Album, 1971 re-release"
Rhino 2003

AAA!!! Forgive me, but this review is more like "A Story of Steve Howe". This is where a real take off for the band starts. It changed band's musical expressions forever. Peter Banks leaves the band, Steve Howe joins in. As a band's new recruit Steve was already very familiar with Peter's guitar playing style and that was more than obvious, 'cause he has integrated very easily into the band's musical directions.

Funnily enough, perhaps even ironically this seemed to be the less important fact for the band. When comes to splits of original line ups it is usual problem for the band to find appropriate replacement and to find a guy who would be successful in copying his predecessor's playing style. But the point where Peter and Yes parted their ways was, looking back now over thirty years, not only of extreme importance for the band's further musical directions, but also for the entire rock scene. Highly talented and gifted newcomer served not only as Peter's replacement, he was also the income of fresh ideas that were new to the band. Steve developed his own guitar style that influences even now days on many young guitarists. Guy brought a good portion of jazz inside the music. And specialty which was translated into new Yes language sounded as nothing else ever sounded or will ever sound. It can be described as strictly "howeish". Term "progressive" in Yes music, becomes more appropriate for the first time.

Whole sound becomes cleaner and structures are figured now on much tighter and compact way and beside that assembled together on a way that leaves motives to run smoothly and more fluidly as on first two records. Generally speaking the whole sound becomes heavier thankfully to the chunky Hammond B3 organ dashes (Perpetual Change, Yours Is No Disgrace, Starship Trooper) and of course Chris's heavy bass drives, that began to sound more and more thunderous. On the other hand it seems as if band learned to compose in a much sophisticated and subtle way (Your Move). At those days no one even think about that challenging Steve's integration into Yesworld would be of such great importance. Steve's advantages were not only that he was more diverse skilled than Banks (don't get me wrong Peter, I respect all you've ever done for Yes), but also cause his uniqueness and the way how he freely and spontaneously delivered the whole Yes sound a new qualities. So "The Yes Album" (1971) is somehow band's new beginning, a rebirth if you wish. Listen Yours Is No Disgrace. Howe's involvement of putting all those unmistakable diverse touches surely outstands in that song. Other guys just followed him. Rhythm line also becomes more melodic then ever before. Accompanied with Anderson's soaring irreplaceable vocals and Kaye's keyboard lines that helped in keeping all songs not to fall apart, renewed and stronger Yes moved now bravely forward into their most productive period.

Author:   Aleš

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