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Prospect - "Moments"
Prospect 2002

Finally! First prog/metal rock rose blossomed on Slovenian ground. They are important precursor group, that might resurrect overall sleeping heavy rock scene in Slovenia.

"#1"'s follower is fast shocking improvement that wasn't expected in such short period. If the debut album was for the band a search for their sacred ground, or let me put it that way, a search for their affirmation and ability to prove all their musical talents, "Moments" is taking giant step forward. "Moments" upgrades all standards that were set with band's debut. New album reflects some amazingly structured arrangements and much tighter, enthusiastic and self confident cooperation between guitar riffs and keyboard work. Their face offs sometimes provide a real high voltage power drive that make you wanna twist. New album brings also more self-reliant singing that comes out soulfully all the way. Input of pure feeling is, from all musical angles, more obvious than ever. They let ideas to flow freely. Riff eruptions are nicely balanced with softer parts. Record captures many different moods and therefore sounds very convincible. Young guitar wizard Roman Files lays some amazing solos that nicely fit to the structure of compositions. He generously spices things by delivering all sorts of licks, impressive hooks and other ornaments, that keeps Moulin rouge through structures unharmed. Prospect are not fixed in squares. They constantly move, search and improvise, yet carefully assemble together shape of things.

Chorus of the title song reveals by its vocal lines close connection with Dream Theater's legacy. If the impression was that some pieces on debut album are structurally falling apart, this time pieces are put together on a tighter way. Also the track list is brilliantly assembled and helps in keeping very special ambient feeling that Prospect succeeded to develop with "Moments".

"Moments" reveals an important thing. Band found its own specific route. An elegant piece Perception Of Reality. With Simon's incredible high scream closure that sends shivers down the spine. It is first highlight on record and it shows that Prospect are developing the style that is distinctly their own. Aforementioned song captures high climax and special feel. Keys are holding a tight background and helps in building that special climax. Guitar and keys are doubled in cleverly assembled harmonies with having the center role here. Rhythm line is alive and punches, as it is expected for progressive image of this band and fluidly runs into opposite rhythm splashes where need to. Its expressive bridges are carefully puzzled and placed inside compositions. Keys provide a huge range of all different sounds from grand piano to Hammond B3. Perception Of Reality deserves to be called "masterpiece". Don't worry, all of you who looks for short strikers, you'll get your pure satisfaction with Rush that will rip your spines out.

Than enters the Orient Express. Band succeeds here to capture a different feel, a magic instrumental piece, a perfect collision of rhythm line, keys and heavy guitar riffing. Of course as the title indicates, melody of different themes is driven in Balkan fashion. How convincible!!! Pay attention on drums here! Motives are constantly changing. But once again, they are marvelously puzzled together. This heavy schedule is finally calmed down with the sixth track Jaded Son that reflects softer side of the band.

After intro of Living In Silence you'll be blown away with unique guitar riff. I really didn't hear such main riff's theme for a long time, it directly reflects Roman's personality, and that means that he don't care much about his major musical influents and bravely measures his own steps of musical perception. This is right path. Chemistry simply works here! Keys and guitar are again in great atmospheric dialog. It is complex song with epic chorus. Diverse Simon's singing adapts soulfully to the structure of the song's arrangement. Simon vocal lines sometimes reminds on Jon Arch (ex-Fates Warning). With his specific sounding vocal and singing approach, Simon is important article in building the band's own musical expression.

Overall ambient feel of "Moments" is very sad, yet with some light that shines through "The Man Who Walks Alone" (in intro and outro of the song). They added also some jazzy spices here. Band tries to capture all those feelings of social decay that surrounds us. As I tried to figure out, the major message that band delivers (on very gentle and sophisticated way) is that every one of us must find own destined way. In So Low the band uses basic motive and freely upgrades its structure in every following circle. Keys and guitar solos blazing crossfire in Stratovarius vein proves that this band breathes as one.

Be aware of the word Prospect in future. Under unpleasant circumstances they squeezed out their maximum. Their pockets ran dry, but they are fighting on with their strong faith, burning ambitions and self belief. This band deserves Dream Theater or Threshold recording conditions and they will surely get it. There is no way back. The gates for Prospect are wide open.

Author:   Aleš

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