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Diabolical Masquerade - "Death's Design"
Avantgarde records 2001

"Death's Design" is actually a soundtrack, recorded for a horror movie. Yeah, you heard it right! A certain American firm (from Hollywood!) decided to record a horror movie with Diabolical Masquerade's music. Unfortunately the whole idea went down the drain. There were to many problems involved (budget, copyrights and other things). But Diabolical Masquerade decided to go ahead with releasing their album, anyway.

This time Blakkheim invited The Maalten Quartet from Estonia to play on the soundtrack as guest musicians. Keyboards were done by Dan Swano, who was also a co-producer.

Styles on "Death's Design" vary from Black and Heavy Metal to Rock and even classical music. The band also uses a lot of electronics. Most people place this album into Horror Heavy Metal (even Blakkheim himself) but I find that term too loose, if you know what I mean. Still, there is that typical Diabolical Masquerade sound present throughout the soundtrack.

There are 20 so called "movements" on this soundtrack which are mostly composed by several songs. There are altogether 61 songs on "Death's Design". Movements number three (you can hear a part of it on D. M.'s official site) and five are my absolute favourites. If you listen closely you will recognize the latter in two more movements. But you really have to pay a lot of attention because they appear "in disguise".

Note: Not for narrow-minded people!

Author:   Anja

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