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Peter Green Splinter Group - "Reaching The Cold 100"
Eagle Records 2003

Peter and his bandmates, born to play blues, succeeded once again in capturing great live mood in the studio. And that's what the blues is all about. Actually, they're firing diverse exercises one after another. This time author of "petergreens" Albatross and Black Magic Woman, doesn't appear as a co-writer on a new material. But can you imagine a record without Peter? Nevertheless, "Reaching The Cold 100" is a "Peter's special" once again. Dangerous Man is by its structure and by its captured feel via Peter's singing surely the first highlight on a new record. Actually, when you read words alone, without listen to the song you can maybe get frightened. But when listening to Peter's cynic approach on vocals here, you'll be able to find all sort of different impressions, but I'll be damned if you'll find somewhere around you a dangerous man. How brilliant! Next highlight for me is Spiritual Thief that by its words holds somehow a direct link to Green Manalishi (not to talk about almost the same first verse chosen for Needs Must the Devil Drives).Composition caries high mood through walking rhythm and Peter's soulful singing.

First part of the album is more R&B oriented (Look Out For Yourself, Cool Down, Dangerous Man), while second is capturing more blues inside songs like beauty When Somebody Cares that ends the record, with nice pair (Peter and Nigel Watson) united on vocals.

Peter is asking through his lyrics about life, actually he's still exploring himself as a human individual. And he is doing it very convincible through his slightly rough unique singing style accompanied with his deep breaths. Especially in blues masterpiece Don't Walk Away, that could be understand through lyrics as a requiem to the youth. And the next song Can You Tell Me Why (flavored with slide guitar) goes somehow in Canned Heat directions and is stamped very much by America's black blues root influences, sang by guitarist Nigel Watson. Nigel's and Peter's singing style differences are contributing to great diversity between the songs.

Peter and co. launched another fantastic output. Live atmosphere kicks real high and just won't fade from the first to the last beat of this record. Hammond organ builds perfect background to the songs. Peter also spiced all together with his harmonica. We got twelve equally strong but very diverse compositions. Something is just happening all the time. A fantastic chemistry simply works. A special limited edition includes also bonus EP that was recorded with Peter's current line up. This EP includes Fleetwood Mac's hit singles Black Magic Woman, Green Manalishi, Albatross and cover of Otis Rush's It Takes Time. Master of the blues surrounded by great co-workers delivers another phenomenal "greenvention".

Author:   Aleš

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