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Dissection - "Live Legacy"
Nuclear Blast Records 2003

Dissection!! One of the most influential bands on the black metal scene are back from the dead! They obsessed many black hearts with their perfect mix of dark aggression and melodic, although they released only two albums "The Somberlain" in 1993 and "Storm Of The Light's Bane" back in 1996. Even if frontman Jon Nödtveidt will be imprisoned for at least a year, he manage to release a live album, which will satisfy a die hard Dissection fans at least for some time, while waiting for a new album after almost a decade! "Live Legacy" was recorded in Wacken Open Air Festival in 1997, which was also one of the Dissection's last shows, before Jon got arrested for murder, for which he got looong eight years.

"Live Legacy" is basically some kind of reissue of "Frozen In Wacken", which sounded a little too amateurish.. Luckily that modern studio equipment can do miracles and could improve most of "bad" recordings. I have to say that I was a bit sceptic about sound, but just after a first few riffs there you can hear major improvement comparing to "Frozen In Wacken"! Ok, maybe during solo guitar parts rhythm guitar just doesn't sound the way it could, but hey, we are talking of metal band here. :) So, basically the sound is more than satisfying, especially drumming, because it's very precise and gives this complete feeling to everything and like on studio releases John's screams are so heavy and so damn evil!! I just love it. "Live Legacy" contains "only" seven songs, which seems little at the first sight, but entire thing lasts over 40 min, which isn't so little after all. Of course I wouldn't mind song or two more especially from "The Somberlain", but still John & co. managed to present Dissection in the best way. Some of you will lost your nerves searching for Night's Blood on track list, but unfortunately it was eliminated due to really poor sound. :( So, the whole show opens with intro At The Fathomless Depths, followed by excellent Retribution - Storm Of The Light's Bane and just awesome Unhallowed, which is played incredibly accurate especially on guitar solo parts, which sound so emotional. Simply kick ass!! Playlist continues in slow rhythm with Dissection's probably most popular song Where Dead Angels Lie, which will bring to trance all black romantic souls. You have been warned! :) And here it is, the absolute highlight of the record Thorns Of Crimson Death. I just can't get enough of it. If you listen to it, your finger will end on repeat button. For the end there are two more songs Frozen and The Somberlain, which are saving their first album reputation. Artwork has been once again made by Necrolord, who continues to use a blue-black pattern with grim ripper, which is basically a must on Dissection front covers.

"Live Legacy" is excellent live product, which should be in every black metal fan collection. Especially if you are a Dissection fan than you have no excuse not to own this! Probably you will curse all those lucky guys, who were present at W.O.A. that day, not knowing they may be watching one of the last gigs of this excellent band. But hey, cheer up, if we can believe John words than "See ya on tour 2004/05". :))

Author:   Primo¾

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