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Shitfun - "Legends compilation vol.1"
Deathrone Liberty 2001

We're dealing with an interesting compilation released by a new Slovenian record label, which is actually a sub label of an American artistic organization - Deathrone Liberty. Shitfun records are dealing mainly with extreme underground metal bands of Central Europe, although bands of other nationality can be accepted.

The compilation is geared with a brief info about all the bands on comp., the recordings and two eccentric lyrics that invoke quite a bizarre feeling, which whole compilation, including the layout, music and band image, has.

The compilation alone begins with a creepy intro, made by a sick band called Noisetorn. They appear twice on this compilation, with the first and the last song. The first metal song is a spooky hit of a band called Burning Piss, who actually come from Slovenia. Beside them, another Slovenian band comes from Ljubljana, Rectum. Otherwise we trace many foreign bands on this record. Among them: Medusa(Medulin), Disproportion(Mexico), Grundfucke(Austria), Melona Sonata(Italy), Blood Of The Dead(Hungary), Wintersky Cold(Germany), Silhuetjte Of The Dark Castle(France), Clitoris(Germany). All bands effect pretty morbid, pathetic and disgusting, uncompromising, post idiotically regressive. As even in this flow Slovenian metal scene doesn't progress in a fastest way either, Deathrone Liberty opened it's gate in Slovenia to make it grow. More information can be found on this e-mail address: deathroneliberty@yahoo.com

Danaya Heartbreaker, repr. for D.L. Slovenia

Author:   Danaya

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