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Grave Digger - "Lost Tunes From The Vault"
G.U.N. Records 2003

This is ridiculous. After band fulfilled all contract obligations with their past record label, G.U.N. Records are still making one side decisions in putting all sorts of releases on the market. Grave Digger does not agree with that. But anyway, this collection of tributes, bonuses and (in Europe) previously unreleased songs might be very interesting for all fans who doesn't have limited editions of band's studio albums or are (like me) not a "tribute to CD" collectors.

Lost tunes offer bonuses from "Heart Of Darkness" up to "Excalibur" era. Also what we got is poor four sided booklet design with cover presenting very interesting woodcraft taken from Schnädler's "Worlds Chronicles" (middle ages, 1493) with skeleton grave dancers (most impressive figure is female skeleton on far right). We got variable track list. From straight heavy bullet My Life, then Don't Bring Me Down, a mid-tempo shredder that was up to this release unavailable on European ground, up to great ballad Dolphin's Cry with Braveheart's fashioned opening (pre-chorus) theme. Raw untamed sincere heavy beat, that'll really gonna bang your heads off. Also newly '97ies versions (the same that appears on "Masterpieces" release) of classic stuff Witchunter, Headbanging Man and Heavy Metal Breakdown are included in track list.

You'll immediately recognize Excalibur's gothic arrangements in Parcival and distinguish it from band's raunchier production of early '90ies period. Parcival just kicks ass. Teutonic slashes of rhythm line gathered with sharp edged riffing all the way and nicely decorated with Uwe's unique soloing. Tribute covers are also killing pieces. Accept's Starlight with uncle Reaper screaming out extremely high vocal lines in true '93ies "The Reaper" fashion. Sabbath's Children of the Grave is written for Digger's skin. Ear splitting vocals, powerful guitar voltage drive and the finest double kicking perforations throughout the song. This also concerns for Dio's classic We Rock, surely one of my favorites Grave Digger's tribute song. How convincible and with full force. We got in a one word another bunch of masterworks.

It's the same case as in "Masterpieces" release and up to you to decide whether to put investment in this G.U.N. Record label trick or not. Listen to your own voice. Don't torture yourselves if you received some good vibes out of this review. Run quickly to the nearest record shop. Grave Digger just can not disappoint.

Author:   Ale¹

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