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Annihilator - "Double Live Annihilation"
AFM Records 2003

Amazing untamed live power! Shredding guitar work, perfectly tuned in. Genuine divided in production, Jeff on right monitor and Curran on the left one, double guitar work timing matches in a best possible way through entire record and offers pure excitement for the listener. Randy's thundering punches, supreme double footwork and drum rollings are perfectly correct and hellish precise. What chemistry is this band capable of!!! Raw and ear splitting vocals, soulfully done all the way, adapting all the time to the information in verses (and music of course) that Annihilator sends to the world. This is more than just a double live annihilation. It can't be more convincible as it is. This live album overreaches the criteria of how certain live album should sound like. Fantastic mixture of thrash, classic heavy stuff and bad to the bone Motörhead's or AC/DC's rock'n roll. Every single band's employee just gave his 110% here. And that's another reason, why Annihilator are one of my top 10 ranked bands. Actually, I won't cut my eye off for thrash metal, but Annihilator simply fills my jugular veins with a dope that I need to feed on. This is just fuckin' it.

Okay, let's finally talk about pieces performed on Fury in Europe 2002 tour. Murder, obscured in eternal doom, is quite shocking opener, chosen by band to start the gig with. You'll find pieces from all albums, except from "Criteria For A Black Widow". First CD phenomenally blazes out band's newer material from "King Of The Kill" era up to nowadays, while second CD is opening with Set the World on Fire supported by band's further continuing on older stuff including Never, Neverland, I Am In Command, Phantasmagoria, and (as usual) Crystal Ann/Alison Hell, that all by one confirm astonishing tuning of the band by delivering rough sincere power of Annihilator's musical expression. From "Waken the Fury" album the band delivers their best pieces: Torn, My Precious Lunatic Asylum (just pay attention on thrilling live bass devastation through the middle section of a song, with Jeff's (yet another) amazing solo performance), The Blackest Day, with Curran's fantastic intro guitar licks and tremolo pullings (only confirming that Curran was for Jeff best possible draft pick). Yes and then comes also gutsy Striker with Joe in center spot. And how he just rips Syn. Kill 1! Syn. Kill 1 ends with Iron Maiden Transylvania's familiar sounding closing double twin guitar four tuned harmony (supported with double footed Randy's amazing bombing) that fades further on into Jeff's solo fill and finally reaches Randy's drum thunder splash execution. This is only one of the band's many specialties that are added on entire live adventure. No time to sleep.

Jeff's production is fantastic. Everything sounds crystal clear, all instruments and Joe's vocals are lying in great balance and are equally expressed via band's live stage explosion. Grab this manifestation of pure blistering cosmic energy that's gonna swallow you alive. Gutsy all the way, Annihilator will take no prisoners here. Reborn with new line up, band offers fresh sounding, full of creative energy and great on-stage alchemy that kicks metal right into your face.

Author:   Ale¹

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