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Emperor - "Prometheus (The Discipline Of Fire & Demise)"
Candelight Records 2001

This album is exactly what Emperor need to end their career honorably and to make sure that they won't be forgotten. In a little more than 51 minutes they prove that they are able to compose songs with vast complexity. This is not another "In The Nightside Eclipse" record. Instead they improved their sound and style that they used on "IX Equilibrium", so I find it rather hard to find anything to criticize on this album.

Ihsahn has entirely outdone himself in terms of arrangements and he amended his clean vocals, which he uses distinctively more than on the previous Emperor records. Trym's drumming is stellar, I even dare to say that it is rivaling his work on Zyklon's debut. This album is a bit slower than their preliminary records but it has a far more intense and deeper atmosphere, which in some sequences almost reminds me of film music (In The Wordless Chamber).

If you think that you possess enough endurance to go deep into the complicated song structures, then you will most likely (if you happen to succeed) be overwhelmed for quite some time by the mighty fullness of musical brilliance.

Author:   Tanja

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