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Thunderstorm - "Witchunter Tales"
Northwind Records 2002

We're dealing here with second album of this Italian doom metal band. In one word, songwriters must be really obsessed with Tony Iommi. Unbelievable, but riffing and main themes of Thunderstorm music are direct copy of what good old bands like Pentagram or Black Sabbath created ages ago. Pondering and mostly mid tempo drumbeat in songs is together with "turned to stone" guitar riffing the main thing that this band tries to follow. Even short acoustic piece Edge of Sanity is walking in the footsteps of Black Sabbath's Children of the Grave intro theme.

Guitarist Fabio "Thunder" Bellan does vocals. Fabio brings with his vocals too much melody in the music. His type of singing is sometimes much more suitable for power metal. Attributes like horror, eternal doom and darkness that other bands of this genre are capable of bringing alive into their musical expression, therefore just cannot step into the light. And this contrast is very much obvious when comparing Thunderstorm's cover of Black Sabbath's Electric Funeral with its original. Vocal doesn't fit at all inside this cover.

Warning! Before you decide to invest your money, listen carefully if there is a sound interruption on first song of "Witchunter Tales" CD. I've detected a tape defect in the opener Reality, just when song reaches its two minutes and fourteen seconds.

Thunderstorm offers nothing new, but a relative good copy of what I mentioned. Music is strictly based on pure thunder massive riffs with no guitar solos at all. Some fluid breaks and acoustic passages were added. So there is a certain diversity in songs. Well, not a bad record, but still far from reaching some uniqueness, not even mentioning its very cheap and "dead" production. It's up to you to decide. I call this a "happy doom" metal.

Author:   Aleš

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