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Paradise Lost - "Symbol Of Life"
GUN 2002

Everything began in 1990 with the record "Lost Paradise". A year later, the five Brits released the album "Gothic", that title made it perfectly clear which music style the listener could expect to hear on the record. Throughout the following years, Paradise Lost were changing music styles with much vigor and with every record they seemed to have pushed more old fans far away, never to return. Since the "Shades of God" album everybody got used to surprises, actually they became quite calculable. Their work "Believe in Nothing" was supposed to calm down all the upset fans, which exposed their ears to the antecedent "Host". But things didn't work out as Nick and Co. had wanted them to. On the new record "Symbol of Life" they found a compromise between electro pop and gothic. The result is a mixture of Rammstein, Sisters of Mercy and Metallica, everything spiced up with a whole lot of electronics. As a matter of fact "Symbol of Life" is a surprisingly good record that might even be favoured by some fans of "One Second". The guitars are rocking again, the atmosphere is darker and the samples aren't covering everything up, like on the previous two disasters ("Host", "Believe in Nothing"). Unfortunately none of the songs convinced me they were worth my while. A good idea can be heard here and there, but if you can count all the bright moments in each song on the left hand fingers and if all the structures are as predictable as vomiting after a liter of vodka and beer, you are left with only one conclusion: Paradise Lost have become just another mediocre band.

Author:   Tanja

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