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Moonspell - "Darkness And Hope"
Century Media 2002

"Darkness and Hope" is a record that doesn't give in to the trends of today's market, it is the result of hard work, numerous experiences and faith in the music, not the person. If you stick to your first impression it might seem that the album is very similar to some of Moonspell's previous work, but listening to it more carefully, reveals that the band has made another step forward. The excellent rhythm section (Mike Gaspar - drums and Sergio Crestana - bass) has once again proven who is the accelerator of the machine. What concerns the style, Moonspell are still unique, not copying themselves, let alone someone else. The music takes us into the world of occult and darkness with an erotic touch. The record itself presents us with a little less electronics and grim vocals, but that's because they really melt with the music. However that doesn't decrease the power with which they strike - hard and always at the right moment. This time the Portuguese guys even serve us with a song in their native language, it has, so it seems to me, an antiglobalistic feel to it. To the great disappointment of the Nordic scene and some other "brutal souls", Moonspell made a record that emphasizes emotions and the soul itself, not trying for every cost to force in uncompromisably hard, wild riffs. Thus even the fiercest critic can't blame them for doing so. All in all "D&H" is a record that functions perfectly as a whole and yet you can get attached to any one of the 11 songs on it, which one by one, crawl under you skin and leave their mark, forever! Anyway, this is my opinion and it's up to you to expose your ears to it a couple of times and see where the worm gets stuck...

Author:   Tanja

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