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Rotting Christ - "Genesis"
Century Media 2002

"Genesis" is the ninth album made by the Greek quintet. When I listened to it, I noticed that the album title hasn't been chosen by coincidence. Genesis isn't only mentioned in the Bible as the first book of the Old Testament, it also means "back to the roots" - and that's exactly what Rotting Christ did - this record embraces the raw black metal of the bands' beginning and the atmospheric and melancholic melodies of the Sleep of the angels era. On top of that they managed to introduce some new elements like clean, deep vocals (all praise to Sakis) and chores. Unlike some of their other records this one keeps the same tempo alltrough the end, not slowing down for a single song. However each track is like a small world on it's own. I'm confident to say that fans of earlier albums as well as fans of later stages will dive with much joy into these worlds.

Author:   Tanja

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