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Katatonia - "Viva Emptiness"
Peaceville records 2003

As of last couple of studio albums Katatonia continues experimenting with their musical style. "Viva Emptiness" is in a way a continuation of their previous three releases. Jonas Renkse's vocals are varied, emotional, and sometimes a bit melancholic. Musically they still utilize metal guitar sound mixed with other non-metal influences. Worth mentioning is a strong production giving this album liveness and of course good sound. I should also mention a nice album cover, it looks great. Travis Smith did a good job, with direction of Renkse and Nyström From Katatonia.

First couple of riffs of songs like "Ghost Of The Sun", "Sleeper", "Criminals", "Evidence"... show that there is still some edge from previous releases. It's totally different on quitter songs like "Omerta", "One Year From Now", "A Premonition", where rough guitars get replaced with gloomy melodies, strong base line and keyboards. Gloominess and melancholy are much more emphasized by the singing on the slower songs. Previously mentioned "Omerta" is a nice composition that after almost three minutes abruptly ends. Album ends with a sad, gloomy instrumental song that fades-out at the end. This album brings good songs wrapped in package with nice artwork.

Author:   Igor

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