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Convent - "The Truth Revealed"
Awaken / Unholy Terror 2000

Hereby I present you the Polish masters of brutality - Convent. Band is definitely not a newcomer but the only member left of the old line-up is Mariusz, the drummer.

This is actually not a regular album but a combination of their old/new recordings. On "The Truth Revealed" you can find 5 old tracks from their 2nd demo "Displeasure" which were re-recorded in 1998 on "Veritatis Splendor" with the addition of a new song The Burning Cross. And there are also 4 new songs, recorded in the summer of 1999, which show Convent in a much better light.

Their music is very dark and rough mid-tempo Death Metal, much in the vein of U.S. acts, but with a well placed occasional blasts here and there. Vocals are brutal but they don't vary much (I just wish they did). And the guitars could also be a bit more intense and heavier but the solos are great. The good thing about this CD is that you can hear every single instrument. I've heard that they're killer live but unfortunately I haven't seen them (yet).

In my opinion Convent can become a well recognized band in the Death Metal scene and I can hardly wait for their new release. It's been a while boys, don't you think it's time for a new one?

I also thank Hacker from Unholy Terror mag (one of the best mags for our hungry Death Metal ears) for being involved in this release.

Author:   Klemen

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