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Marduk - "Infernal Eternal"
Blooddawn Productions 2000

Here we have another offcial live Marduk album (first one being "Live In Germania" from 1997), this time a double one and first 15.000 CD's came with a bonus CD-ROM.
Album kicks off with Panzer Divison Marduk and it's a pure example of fiendish brutality (whatever that is, heh he), ferocious speed and aggression combined with good musical line-up that Marduk are known for. The sound is much better than on "Germania" and this time we have also more tracks (18 all of them) and they range from their "Fuck Me Jesus" demo to their 6th studio album "Panzer Division Marduk". All tracks were recorded in France during their World Panzer Battle Tour so finally we have also a live version of their mighty "Panzer..." album (5 outta 8 tracks).
One thing that I found interesting is Legion's voice and how it sounds just a bit different each time when performed live. For instance, compare it with "Germania..." or any of their gigs that you might have seen (and especially compared to studio albums). I guess this is due to his style of singing (or "puking"). Yeah!, no rest for the vocal chords, arghhhhh!!!!!
Marduk have shown us that they are true masters when it comes down to live performce and that they are definitely one of the best live acts and also one of the most brutal black metal bands (probably the most- at least in my eyes they are).
In a way, you could say that "Infernal Eternal" is some kind of "best of". It was also released on their 10th anniversary, but I miss some of the songs on this album (though you can't please everyone, right). Oh, and if you will be looking for the title track Infernal Eternal (from their "Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered" where Legion- 20 back then- joined them), I will have to dissapoint you. They used it just for the title but it's a good choice.
Also a good thing about this release is that all (!) the songs featured here have lyrics in the booklet. So now you can finally read what's the story on "Panzer..." about, plus their old songs. And also a lot of live, before/after the show pics can be found in the booklet (of course) . The cover painting was done by Joe Petagno, but it doesn't look really special (I would say one of his average works). And watch this one, the executive producer was no one else than Per Gyllenbaeck (first Deranged vocalist), so bonus point for brutality (heh he). And of course, this live was out on Marduk's label Blooddawn productions.
So, for all the people that still haven't heard Marduk live and you wanna know why so many people have them for one of the best live acts, and for those that just wanna refresh their memory, "Infernal Eternal" is the right thing for you.

Author:   Klemen

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